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20 – 21 Sept 2021, Online
Founder & CEO | Alfan

Mohammad Fattal

Mohammad Fattal is the Founder & CEO of Alfan. Alfan is a platform that helps content creators run their business. Being a multi – creator platform, Alfans’ content creators deliver 2 billion views a month across social platforms. Alfan has been behind the success of many influencers and content creators in the MENA region. Alfan is on a mission to empower the creator economy by bringing value and transparency into the space for both influencers and brands. Currently, Alfan has operations in Toronto, Dubai, Egypt with a vision of building an ecosystem for content creators to scale

Born in Dubai but raised in Toronto, Mohammad completed his Undergraduate degree in Economics and Masters degree in Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation at McMaster University in Canada and went back to Dubai to take his business to the next level. Mohammad Fattal’s goal is to empower the regions’ digital media ecosystem so anyone that has a dream has the pipeline to make that a reality.